International HR Day: Top HR FAQs

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What HR issues are trending at the moment?

To celebrate International HR Day, we want to give back and help HR professionals by answering some commonly asked HR questions and offer advice on how to best tackle these problems

By attending this webinar, you’ll get advice on common HR problems and you can listen to see what other like-minded professionals are finding challenging at the moment

This webinar is tailored around the questions of practising HR professionals who have attended our previous webinars, or called our expert advice line

What to expect:

  • Know what HR issues are trending at this moment within organisations, and how they are tackling them.

  • Be aware of key global trends that might be coming to your organisation, now or in the future.

  • Recognise how valuable HR people and their expertise are to organisational success.

Hosted By:


Amanda Chadwick

Amanda is an experienced and well known speaker, specialising in all areas of HR, employment law and employee wellbeing.
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